Should TV Stations Ban False Political Ads?

Here’s an interesting question to ponder; please go to link to read the complete article at The Balance by Glenn Halbrooks.

images-1.jpg“Lies!” That’s what many politicians would say after seeing an opponent’s campaign ad on television. Those politicians often demand that TV stations ban advertisements that they claim contain false information.

Voters often wonder why TV stations don’t investigate political advertisements to verify their truthfulness before allowing them to be shown on television. That way, the alleged lies never hit the airwaves.

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Kiss Me, Petruchio

The study of Narrative is still considered important to the study of literature. Much like diagramming a sentence, you can create a visual (or algebraic) representation of the narrative structure of any novel or extended work of prose. Try this one:

images.jpgDad screws up and Mom packs up the Kid to move far away and begin a new life. They find themselves in an enchanted land and the Kid meets the local equivalent of Prince Charming. Despite her clumsiness, the Prince and the Kid fall in love but the Prince’s evil advisors feel that an unattached prince is better to profit from the kingdom’s raging female hormones so the Kid is hustled off the scene. Sometime later the Kid is selling cookies at the market when the Prince arrives, sees his true love, and courageously announces his love to all the world. The Prince and the Kid clinch over crumbled cookies … The End.

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Iron Sky

imgres.jpgI enjoy watching subtle movies that make me smile (or cringe) just a little bit but when they sign-off I’m feeling satisfied but still thinking about them. Then what is it that made my watching of Iron Sky one of the cinematic highlights of 2015?

Forget the reboot of Star Wars and get a copy of Iron Sky.

The story behind the movie is a common space opera with real heroes, corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, race relations, and a secret colony on the dark side of the moon that is preparing to conquer the Earth … for the Fourth Reich! Yes, although never explained, a group of Nazis escaped in 1945 and built a new civilization on the dark side of the moon. Here they have constructed a swastika-shaped fortress and have been building the engines of war needed to return to earth and destroy all opposition.

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The World’s Foremost Authority

Irwin CoryIt’s no secret that I have my radios set on several “old-time radio” channels. This is the kind of riches the internet has brought us. Does anybody remember DXing? I have three radios around the house and two or three computers on at any time so there are lots of places to tune in to Yours Truly Johnny Dollar or Gang Busters or Our Miss Brooks or Jack Benny entertaining the troops or those thriller shows like The Whistler and The Shadow or Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade.

I grew up in the late forties through the mid fifties with only a radio. I’d like to say I never got hooked on television but the sixties and seventies were lost decades (as Reverend Jim said, I think I macramed a couch).

The other day I was listening to Milton Berle from before he moved to television. At one point he introduced a well-known expert to provide an explanation for a concept and who was it but Professor Irwin Cory under an assumed nom-de-comedy. Fifty seconds of Irwin Cory is bliss … confusing and brain rattling bliss, but bliss none the less.

The world’s foremost authority is 101 years old. What-a-guy!