High Court Goes Gay; GOP Frets

Letter: High court goes gay; GOP frets
By Tony Bender on Jul 12, 2015 at 1:12 a.m.

Whew! Man, a guy takes a week off and look what happens.

SCOTUSI’m still sorting this out. The gist, I guess, is that America now has gay health care. I haven’t reviewed the fine print but, as I understand it, you may now marry the doctor of your choice.

Many Republicans are outraged, enraged and deranged by the way nine Druids in Washington circumvented the Constitution. Just like that time they pitched pennies in the hallway to decide the winner of the 2000 presidential election.

You don’t have to be a constitutional scholar to know how wrong it was to make a decision in that manner. These things should be decided by a field goal in the waning seconds of overtime. Or that rock/paper/scissors thing.

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Maidens Have a Maidenhead and Maidenarms and Maidenlegs

weddingMy daughter was married last year and one interesting facet of the exercise was the selection of a post-wedding name that would satisfy both participants. Would she take his name? You don’t know my daughter. Technically, her husband took her name, although they opted for a hyphenated last name: hers-his. What was interesting was that in the state where they resided, she was able to change her official name just by having it printed on the marriage license but he had to go to court to get his official name changed, including paying all the fees.

If you want to point out elements of sexism in this country, consider the state that had no provisions for changing the husband’s name as a part of the marriage. I suppose they considered having the man change his name was just a fantasy.

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Jesus had dinner with prostitutes and tax collectors

JesusHere is a fun but oh so true piece from around the internet. You’ve probably already seen it but its core message is important: the people that want to discriminate on the basis of their religion are not, in general, good representatives of their own religion. For the Christian business owners in Indiana: will you be serving lepers and prostitutes? Jesus did.

Dear Valued Patrons.
Due to my sincerely held religious beliefs, and in light of the RFRA, recently signed by our Dear Leader Pence, I will no longer be doing business with the following persons; nor permitting them in my establishment:

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