Islamic Jihadist?

I realize that I am prone to represent the more progressive, pro-America view in this weblog and I suspect that is my right since it is my weblog. But to be fair and balanced, here is a representative of the other side of the issues: a once well-known celebrity who appears to develop a logical justification for the Obama Hate Syndrome:

Capitalism Is Over

capitalismI have been reading a lot on the internet, catching up with the holidays where I tended to veg-out under the covers. This article in Salon originally appeared in the TomDispatch written by Rebecca Solnit. The article makes a strong point for what I will conclude is a reactionary capitalistic oligarchy having gone too far in the pursuit of vast profits at the expense of the health of this planet and the whole concept of truth and empathy, opting instead for lying, corruption, and strong-arm tactics to subdue the country and have it bow to their wishes.

Rebecca Solmit assesses our poisonous fossil fuel dependency — and why we’re on the verge of a paradigm shift. I think there’s an old adage in history: if you go too far, someone will invent a guillotine (or something to that effect).

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