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Time to Shelve the Ten Commandments

MosesJust yesterday I got in an argument with a neighbor who insisted that the only laws we really need are enumerated in the Ten Commandments. Being somewhat versed in this artifact of primitive culture, I foolishly pointed out that the first four items simply emphasized the need to adhere to a jealous god. And then, in the best Abbott and Costello fashion, my neighbor said, “Of course.” Damn! Here I was a highly educated critical thinker trying to convince a neighbor here in South Carolina than there were many problems with her understanding of her religion.

I proceeded to point out a few of the questionable, inaccurate, or inconsistent passages in the Bible (yes, I have read it more than once and studied it at the university) only to be told that despite the entire Bible being written under the divine guidance of God, the questionable passages were the work of men who had other agendas and that any discrepancies or inconsistencies were easily answered by having Faith.

I must have been foolish and resorted to a friendly Goodbye as she left to go back to what I imagined was a Holy Shrine in one corner of her bedroom.

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Will Elvis Come Again?

I’m always confused: was it Elvis who was bigger than Jesus or The Beatles?

The Ontological Argument

1. WHY GOD EXISTS … (St. Anselm)

ElvisImagine for me, if only you dare,
a being so perfect beyond compare.
But wait, you ask, “If you be so kind,
it may not exist; it’s only in mind.”
But, if that be so, it lacks perfection;
the being that is, is the better conception.
So here is the answer, as now you can see,
the most perfect being cannot, not be.


Imagine for me, if only you dare
a singer so perfect beyond compare
But wait, you ask, “If you be so kind,
He may not still live, he’s only in mind.”
But, if that be so, he lacks perfection;
the singer that lives, is the better conception.
So here is the answer, as now you can see,
the most perfect singer being cannot, not be.

The Ontological Argument was written by Neil Doherty and was published in The Humanist.

Religion Is All Magical Thinking

The Amazing Randy is asked i,in an interview in Salon if he doesn’t get frustrated by the seemingly endless shams, scams, and charlatans he encounters in his quest to expose the fakes and illuminate the truth. He responds

amazing_randiWell, a bit, but just because we — as a species — will always be affected by a disease, it doesn’t automatically mean that we are going to stop monitoring or treating it. It goes without saying that it’s our civil and moral duty to stand up for the less fortunate and the victims in our society. It’s our duty to provide them with tools so they can arm themselves properly in life.

Part of the “makeup” of a large proportion of the population is due to the influence of religion, which is all magical thinking, thoroughly well organized and well established.

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