Between Your Cheek and Jaw

Okay. As they say, I’ve done my research and I’ve discovered what Americans consider a far better path to entertainment and enlightenment than sitting in a comfy chair and reading a good book. First I donned my old Superman fire suit, left over from a brief foray into dirt track racing many years ago, and opened the wide world of inscrutable evil colloquially known as TikTok.

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Veronica Mars

I previous related how the movie Borrego brought back memories but I failed to report that I actually was prepared for such memories by a silly, somewhat enjoyable, television series: Veronica Mars. For background, I had heard about Veronica Mars and was intrigued but not enough to pursue it. Then, a few years back I watched the Veronica Mars movie and not really knowing that there was several years of television leading up to the movie, I wasn’t impressed.

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The End of Publishing

I’ve told the story before and it’s true: One of my favorite professors at university announced to his class of aspiring young writers that Moby Dick is a novel; all the rest are just entertainments. While I agree with the sentiment of this, I might substitute Madame Bovary for the great white whale.

Yet there’s still a problem. Let’s face it, with few exceptions. all the rest are not really entertaining.

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