Ten Years Later

Back in the 1990’s I hosted an online reading group dedicated to providing a more in-depth and literary approach to authors and themes from around the world. Reading suggestions were generated every three months to allow the time needed for reading five or six books. The first list to study was David Lodge. Someone in another group had complained that Lodge required more attention than was allowed in a book-a-week reading group. Thus the Literary Study Group was born.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Emmy Noether was a pure mathematician who can be credited with making Einstein’s Theory of Relativity understandable and applicable to physicists and mathematicians in the previous century. Eugenia Cheng, in the WSJ, provides a good introduction to the contributions made by this important scientist.

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Atomic Books Rocks!

What is the perfect rock book? Is there a perfect rock book? Can such a thing even exist?

The 2021 theme for the Atomic Books Reading Club is Rockers. For many people, what they’ve missed the most during the pandemic is live music, communing with artists, EVH. What better way to remind ourselves about the meaning of music and the arts in our lives than reading about it and talking about it?

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