Practical Digital Reading

download-2.jpgDo you suppose the world will ever run out of books to read?

Probably not but I am more and more concerned about the future of paper and ink (physical) books in our future culture. I say this with three things in mind:

  • We have the technology available to us which will duplicate and even improve upon the paper and ink format;
  • We have the delivery systems in place that will allow distribution of reading matter in a matter of seconds;
  • The technology of today will more than likely be considered primitive in just a few short years.

I know there is a large population out there that needs to have their fix of moldy old tomes, savoring the aroma even before ogling the frontispiece. I expect that if smell is important, they’ll develop an app for it. Even today the apps for reading digital books recreate the physical experience with some accuracy if not tactilely sufficient, but the digital readers add so much more.

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Remember To Check These Out

images.jpgNew book titles flow into my computer from online services, bookstores, other readers, travels to my bookcase, and sometimes even my friends, personal or academic. Although it often seems like I am grasping for books to recommend, the reality is probably that I could toss out a dozen suggestions every day and not come close to covering all the good reading out there, whether it’s newly published books or old classics that may have been around for umpteen years and even taught in schools.

Did you know that Joyce’s Ulysses was first published in 1922? That’s old: the centennial is coming up before you know it. And let’s not forget Homer’s epic on a similar topic. Surely you’ve read Ulysses and The Odyssey. If not, consider the two works excellent foundations for an understanding of literature .. and life.

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I Get So Excited

images-1.jpgYou may have noticed that I often start a new book before I finish the old one. I know I stash different books in various places (bedroom, office, bathroom, patio) but that’s indicative of my fear of ever getting caught with nothing to read and it is fading away into history with the advent of electronic reading devices, especially my iPhone 6 Plus.

Nowadays I have all of the titles in my most recent reading pools ready in my pocket.

But what I often find myself doing is getting a little tired of the book I am currently reading and jumping ahead to a new title that might seem to offer me more excitement, more interest, more satisfaction. Keeping a roll-over list of books I haven’t finished has helped control the urge to rush ahead, but this last month I notice that my auxiliary reading list was almost as busy as my monthly reading list.

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I Was Still Thinking of Suggestions

images.jpgAs I have confessed, I spent about ten days away from my comfort zone in a small hotel room and was unable to keep up with the website for those lost days and nights. I did, however, go old-school, dip my fountain pen once or twice, and scribble down book titles I came across that intrigued me or seemed important.

So, even though the daily suggestions seemed to freeze for over a week, I still was making them: just not publishing them.

This means that a portion of the reading suggestions from February will first be seen in this post. Look it over; see anything that triggers your interest?

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