Follow the Thread of Glittering Jewels

Centuries later, when the Mycenaean age was almost forgotten and the power of Athens was rising, the bones of Theseus were discovered on the island of Skyros and transported to Athens for reburial. His mistakes and failings were forgotten or forgiven and the Athenians recognized that he was the dead hero they needed in order to compete with Argos and Tiryns, Mycenae and Corinth.

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Ten Years Later

Back in the 1990’s I hosted an online reading group dedicated to providing a more in-depth and literary approach to authors and themes from around the world. Reading suggestions were generated every three months to allow the time needed for reading five or six books. The first list to study was David Lodge. Someone in another group had complained that Lodge required more attention than was allowed in a book-a-week reading group. Thus the Literary Study Group was born.

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