Cutting the Cord

Up until I was about ten years old, I only watched television on a small circular black and white screen when visiting my grandparents. Daytime TV was East-Coast-Yesterday since the kinescopes were flown across the country for showing the next day in California. The early shows were as much as three hours long, hosted by Arlene Francis or Gary Moore. Nighttime TV was more local although often dominated by a full night of wrestling or boxing. Then there were the 15-minute shows—Korla Pandit, Liberace, Liltin’ Martha Tilton. My favorite being Time for Beany.

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Howard Hessman

Back around 1980 I attended a three-day training seminar on effective video presentations. A small group of company students prepared effective presentations that we then video taped and closely critiqued. Two things stand out about that retreat: The first was the abundance of rich, expensive food (the endless scallops wrapped in bacon were a treat) and second was that I looked exactly like Howard Hessman. It was even suggested that Hessman actually looked like me.

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