Notes On Reading In the 21st Century

It’s tired old news but my watery eyes have not fared well following an unfortunate stroke and too many years of use and misuse. A few years back when I moved from my own little house to fresh digs in my daughter’s house, I painfully donated box after box of new Penguin Classics and Oxford Classics to the local library, not because I didn’t want to read them all, not because I didn’t want to move them to the new house, not because bookshelf space might be tight in my new library, but simply because the print was too small to read without a magnifying glass .. and holding a magnifying glass, a book, a coffee cup, and wiping my tearing eyes at the same time was a circus act I was too old to maintain.

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How Am I Doing?

Now that I have the time, I’m going wild. You’ve seen my reading lists .. but that ain’t nothin’. Would you believe I’m half-way through The Big Bang Theory and still find Sheldon a curious instance of a carbon based life-form in an academic environment (with credentials). Will I tire of Sheldon’s predictability? Do old men still play two-dimensional checkers?

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