Fata Morgana

After reading the novel, Fata Morgana by William Kotzwinkle, I was still curious about the phenomenon called a Fata Morgana. A little time on the internet and especially on YouTube gave me a clear understanding but still left me with a boat-load of wonder and amazement.

As a kid in Arizona, any trip down the old desert roads that rose and dipped across the arroyos puddled all the standing water of the dry desert on the road ahead of us in the form of mirages: Fata Morgana. It had something to do with heat waves rising, the curvature of the earth, and the reflective properties of tarmacadam.

I found this classic example of a Fata Morgana:

The Tide Comes Up Over Santa Monica Boulevard

Ever wonder what  your city would look like if all the global ice melted and the seas rushed in to drown the low-lying real estate? Living here in South Carolina, specifically the Low Country, I know it won’t take much to ruin the property values in Hilton Head. But I used to live in Los Angeles: how will they fare in the city of the angels?

Go on over to Fast Coexist and check out the west coast projections for a hint of the future being that will surely happen with the support of climate change deniers in this country. Here’s a preview (I’d point out my apartment in West L. A. … but it’s under water).


What will Sheryl Crow be doing when the tide comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard?