Have you heard of Bahá’i?

NoahWhen I was a very young man and just married to a very cute Jewish girl from the Bronx, we were visiting Chicago and attended Unitarian services at The University of Chicago. Up to that point my wife and I had casually discussed rotating religions a year at a time but things changed when we were exposed to Unitarianism.

Religion is funny business and quite interesting. I studied the world’s religions to some extent at University and subsequent readings I have done through the years have still kept me fascinated. No, I don’t have a religion—strict Atheist or as one of my friends says, Card Carrying Atheist Member of the ACLU with a Good Conduct Medal—but it’s always good to remind yourself of some of the basics.

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An Interesting Reading List

First this from one of the greatest of our founding fathers:


Sam Harris has been an outspoken spokesman for the probability that organized is religion is not only incredibly silly and easily refuted, but moreso for taking it that extra step and concluding that organized religions are actually the world’s most dangerous organizations. Or to put it a simpler way: Religion kills people.

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Founding Fathers or Domestic Terrorists?

Founding FathersRight-wing conservatives and right-wing fundamentalists have formed the basis of their Über-patriotism on the wisdom and foresight of our founding fathers. Now I know that things like facts and reality have never been very important for conservatives and the current crop of wing-nuts, but it’s always fun to look back and see just what those sainted founding fathers had to say about religion in the American experiment.

The Daily Kos published few quotations from our founding fathers user the title, If Our Founding Fathers Were All Christians, Why Did They Say This? They make for interesting reading and definitely put many conservative arguments out to pasture.

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