Q Identified?

Saturday mornings I get up early to let the dog out, measure my fasting sugar, dump some special (expensive) medicinal chow in the dog’s bowl, plant a row of treats back to the dog’s bed, and crawl back under the covers to adjust my eye-shade and my bi-pap mask hoping to drift back into the previous juicy confusion of a semi-erotic and occasionally frightening dream state.

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Books Endure. News … Not So Much

images.jpgLooking back at January: a new year of reading and oft overlooked reading suggestions. I actually read a few of the works on this list while they were still in the news. I notice that a couple of the titles were of that genre often considered non-fiction (wink wink) and it’s good that I have read them before they turned dated and uninteresting.

Although I enjoyed these very contemporary views on the current corruption in both government and in the oil fields, I must admit that for the most part they at best provided me with a clear depiction of things I already knew, albeit in one compact volume with a lot of extra detail.

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