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Breaking News


By davidpneff
Tuesday Jul 19, 2016 · 1:56 AM EDT
[reblogged from Daily Kos]

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-CA) has told the press that they plan to launch a federal investigation that Michelle Obama plagiarized Melania Trump’s speech in her 2008 DNC speech.

“The similarities between Michelle Obama’s speech and Melania Trump’s speech are far too great to be passed off as pure chance,” Gowdy told The Neff Report.

Gowdy noted the following similarities:

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Iron Sky

imgres.jpgI enjoy watching subtle movies that make me smile (or cringe) just a little bit but when they sign-off I’m feeling satisfied but still thinking about them. Then what is it that made my watching of Iron Sky one of the cinematic highlights of 2015?

Forget the reboot of Star Wars and get a copy of Iron Sky.

The story behind the movie is a common space opera with real heroes, corrupt politicians, greedy corporations, race relations, and a secret colony on the dark side of the moon that is preparing to conquer the Earth … for the Fourth Reich! Yes, although never explained, a group of Nazis escaped in 1945 and built a new civilization on the dark side of the moon. Here they have constructed a swastika-shaped fortress and have been building the engines of war needed to return to earth and destroy all opposition.

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The Great American Novel

RothColonel Chichikov relates how his experiences with American capitalism provided Stalin with this classic witticism:

From each according to his stupidity, to each according to his greed.

I have to admit that when I read this passage in Philip Roth’s The Great American Novel, I was confused: although the witticism is attributed to Stalin, it seemed to fit the current Republican Party much better than pre-war Communism in the USSR.

In fact, the more I read Roth’s novel, the more it illuminated the current political situation in the United States. How do you gain power, power to control the population? Lies, character assassinations, spreading fear, promoting myths, creating enemies, developing hatred and fear.

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