The Father Is Brother To the Child

When my younger brother was born I was in Junior High School. That made me thirteen years old, or, to put it another way, thirteen years older than my brother. This is interesting to me because I calculate that my father was probably seventeen years old when I was born … maybe eighteen. So, if I was the older brother, should I have thought of my father as being more of an older brother to me than as a wise and experienced father?

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Emmy Noether was a pure mathematician who can be credited with making Einstein’s Theory of Relativity understandable and applicable to physicists and mathematicians in the previous century. Eugenia Cheng, in the WSJ, provides a good introduction to the contributions made by this important scientist.

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Let’s see:

With one person the choice is Alive or Dead.

With two people they both might be Alive or they both might be Dead, but to make it more interesting, one might be Dead while the other still Lives (and vice versa).

With three people it starts to get complicated: Alive Alive Alive; Alive Alive Dead; Alive Dead Alive; Dead Aline Alive; Alive Dead Dead; Dead Alive Dead; Dead Dead Alive; Dead Dead Dead.

With 332 million people, 320 thousand Americans are Dead and the projected Life Expectancy in the country is being revised downward.

This is some insane clown’s definition of Winning?