Under the Wave

My first surfboard had a Playboy center fold entombed beneath the polyurethane. Actually it was a rented board and was usually waiting for me at the surf shop (was it too embarrassing for earlier renters?) Growing up in San Diego, beach life was almost a twelve month pleasure and I eventually talked my Dad into fronting me the money for my own custom board: 9 foot 2 with green rails from Gordon & Smith. This may seem gargantuan but my first exposure to surfing was at Doheny Beach in the mid ’50s and the board was made of redwood and probably half-again as long.

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Dee Snider Really Wants AC/DC to Play the Super Bowl … I agree !!!


People are taking notice. Twitter is buzzing. Dee Snider really wants AC/DC to play the Super Bowl. I’ll skip the football but this will be a half-time show I definitely will watch. Pass it on …

Note: If you are unacquainted with AC/DC or Dee Snider, please refer to Wikipedia. If you have never heard of the Super Bowl … Good for you! South River Joe gave us a clear summation of the game: “Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein.”


Fat City

images.jpgLeave out the magic realism and switch from Albany, New York, to Stockton, California, and you might think you were reading William Kennedy. Leonard Gardener’s Fat City, despite the comparison to another excellent American author, is on it’s own a very good book.

If you know California, Stockton is not Sacramento; not San Francisco; not even San Jose. It is, however, an important hub for the commerce of California as a part of the major San Francisco economic zone. But Stockton has had its share of tough times. Wikipedia provides a depressing list of recent ills:

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