Fellow Traveller

Sputnik! A new word in a strange language identifying a giant achievement. Sixty-Five years ago I was in Sixth grade squatting in one quarter of the borrowed auditorium of somebody else’s school while my new school was under construction. My coon-skin cap was barely used and now I had to switch to wiggling antennae and beep-beeps to rival the roadrunner?

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A Note on Reading Strategies

Of course the most common separation amongst readers is those who read deliberately and those who pick up a book, magazine, or cereal box unconsciously to fill in time as it passes. Although the relative value of the reading material selected by the later type is highly variable, the observable tactics suggest it must be within easy reach.

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Who Wrote the Book of Love

In 1958 Disney re-released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to theaters in the USA. I was in Phoenix at the time visiting my cousins with my folks. One afternoon all the kids were stacked into a 1942 Plymouth (with the velvet rope of safety across the back of the front bench seat) and dropped off at a local movie house to watch the twenty year old animated film. It was easily as satisfying as Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier which I had enjoyed for free simply by wearing my School Safety Patrol sweater one Saturday in San Diego.

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