Ban Football!

The new robust streaming service has allowed me to watch football on TV. True: I have the game on with no sound and continue my reading using iPods and an alternate digital device. True: my reading has slipped a little. But it only took a couple of weeks before I remembered why I gave up watching football and discovered a few new reasons to hate it.

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End Times and Kinsey Millhone

I saw a decrepit old white man on the internet, a self-proclaimed vendor of Holy words for profit, and as his head bobbled around, his skeletal jaw flapped out the truly Christian response to the illegal horror of the Russian invasion of a sovereign Ukraine: God compelled Putin to attack Ukraine so as to bring on the End Times. *

And here I thought the End Times were part of the Gay Agenda all along.

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Fill In the Blank: School _________

I grew up in the 50s. Born just after the war: an early baby boomer. Life was very different then. First, we didn’t have a television. Rather than dull my brains with laugh tracks and insipid three-camera comedies, I would sprawl on the floor with my friendly frog pillow and sharpen my senses by recreating entire worlds from a few words of dialogue and easily identifiable sounds of the foley operator. Can you spell Schenectady?

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