Reading: 2019

Titles Read = 6

A Visit From the Goon Squad — Jennifer Egan

Streetwise — Mohamed Chaukri
Autobiographical novel following up For Bread Alone.

Empire V — Victor Pelevin

The Ghost In the Shell — Tow Ubukata
Four short novels concerning future enhancements to humans, both physical and mental.

The Virgin of Flames — Chris Abani
An engaging story of a near future in East LA. Better than most.

Maigret and the Murder in a Minor Key — Murielle Wenger (-)
Unfortunately, most derivative (copycat) novels tend to emphasize the identifiable themes and motifs of the original. Half the work is done without requiring an ounce of imagination from the new author. However, this can be allowed if iit frees up the new author for an explosion of intricate narrative and intriguing discourse; unfortunately that was not the case in this friendly but flawed copy of a Maigret novel.