Reading: 2023

Titles Read = 4

Some Came Running — James Jones
Very much dated although it is interesting to explore this long gone treatment of women in the society: you know, the desperate girls down at the brassiere factory who will do just about anything to catch a man’s attention. Also, way too long, which suggests a look back at the movie to see what was changed or left out in the adaptation.

A Glastonbury Romance — John Cowper Powys (+)
Interesting mix-up of Passion story with the Arthurian legend in an effort to promote this part of England not to mention its toying with communism. All fiction, of course. Long, detailed; full of characters and events. Recommended highly for readers who seek escape in simpler times and who eschew the flash of science fiction. Or you could go to the festival.

Time Regained — Marcel Proust (+)
This final volume of Recherche is full of the author’s conclusions on memory and life. Although long and often wordy, Recherche may be the most important and thought provoking book I have ever read. A must read, even if in translation.

The Origin of the Species — Charles Darwin (+)
Tedious but also interesting, both for what Darwin describes and also for the detail of the process of discovery. A must read (even those who deny Evolution have more to celebrate in Darwin than in any other entity).