What Is the Best Book You Read This Year?

best booksI try to rate each book I read during the year and rank them to provide a regular list of titles I particularly admired. I started with a top 20 if I recall but have pushed it up to a top 30 to save myself too many hard decisions. You can browse through my lists and see my choices for my top reads under The Best By Year.

This year I ranked the novel series by John Galway (The Forsyte Saga) and by John Dos Passos (The USA Trilogy) at the top of my list. But since I can’t for sure state that I read those works exclusively in 2014, I will offer my next title as representing the best book I read this last year: Desert by J. M. G. Le Clézio.

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NYT Notable 100 For 2014

NYTI’m not too sure that 100 books in a year represents an essential “must-read” list but seeing the vast number of books published each year, you have to cut-it-off someplace. I also think that too many of these Top 100 lists that come out each year are heavily skewed to the commercial side of publishing … popular books, even horrid poorly written books, sell a lot of copies to the proletariate.


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How Do You Decide What To Read?

DrugstoreThis is a perennial topic and with the internet now, it’s so much easier to keep informed about new books, to see what other people are reading; to share your experiences and tastes, and to expand your the world of reading. However, there is a trap: I expect I spend as much time on the Internet, both reading related and maintaining this website, as I do actually reading nowadays. So getting the straight story about books I might want to read, especially new books, is quite important.

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