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March Already?

booksI write a monthly blurb for our local magazine announcing up-coming events and describing the events that have just passed. Unfortunately, this blurb is due to the people who put the magazine together month in advance. As a result I tend describe passed events that have not yet taken place with a great amount of imagination. The opposite is also true since I seldom have sufficient knowledge of up-coming events and am forced to extrapolate from my often warped mind.

Making up a reading list also is difficult. Do I really know what I might want to read three weeks from now? Am I carrying over books I once posted enthusiastically but now cannot remember why I wanted to read them? Will I go to the library this month and blow a hole in all my plans with new titles to read which carry due dates and push all my other books aside? Will I get an announcement from NYRB or NYT or LAT or some other regular source of online book news that piques my interest or even has me cravenly rushing over to iBooks with my credit card in my hand?

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February: For Love, For Books, For Bullwinkle?

booksLewis Black points out in a recent rant that February is the shortest month but even so, it seems like the longest. His focus is on a Holiday for Love (Valentine’s Day) but I have always considered February as a challenging month for reading. My usual pace would have me reading eight to twelve books in the month and since February is shorter than other months, I might expect to read one or two fewer books. But historically I have filled this short month with beaucoup de reading: seventeen books on one occasion. I suspect it has something to do with being stuck in the house during a snowy winter with nothing better to do than read (television is too boring to rely on).

But who knows? Maybe this February I will only read a book or two and spend most of my time watching episode after episode of Mad Men or Rocky and Bullwinkle. But just in case, here is the reading pool for February (I wonder how I’ll do).

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