Second Quarter Reading At XFX

Don't PanicWith my upcoming move and the radical simplification of my life (not to mention dumping most of my books and belongings that I have acquired through the years), I’m intending to simplify the ACOR website. Right now I have every intention of continuing but the loss of my bookshelves and extra room for books and my sketchy eyesight suggests that I de-emphasize the bookshelves pages and possibly drop the XFX sub-site (blending it into the regular reading).

XFX has been around for a while and I know many readers have been introduced to new and experimental literature through the site. However, if I simplify things, I will keep going with ACOR. As I said, XFX would be integrated into the basic site and, after a review of whatever books may remain after the move, the Bookshelves may move to be a sub-item under Lists.

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