Beach Bag Books for Old Farts

BeachIt’s that time again when AARP makes a few suggests for adult summer reading. I suppose that the designation of “beach reads” allows for a tendency to suggest breezy popular fare but I can reasonably predict that I will not be reading any of these titles this summer. In New Jersey we rented a house at the Shore every year and three families (or so) spent a week or two toasting in the sun, overeating, and trying to read while the swim suits got smaller and smaller on the women and girls cavorting in the surf (so distracting). For me this was a chance to read some of those truly fat and difficult books that otherwise would gather dust on my shelves year after year. For some reason I tended to go for the Russian authors.

I know I read these titles while laying on the beach in the hot sun:

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More Exciting Reading From AARP

AARPI find so many “best of” reading lists disappointing and highly forgettable. Good old AARP has come through again with two list for the Baby Boomers who are beginning to flood the rank of the retired. What book do you think an old geezer like me will fawn over and perhaps even enshrine in my (non-existent) trophy case? Did you say Catcher In the Rye? Of course, it’s so obvious and so very wrong. In fact, I hated Catcher In the Rye when I was a dashing young man and hadn’t even read Ulysses once.

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21 Great Novels

21 Great Novels It’s Worth Finding Time to Read

This is such an obvious list and leaves out so many possibly more deserving titles, but many readers, especially those just starting out, may find this simple list from (of all places) AARP to be a good start. In an older version of this website I had a section dedicated to Top 20 lists, both my own and also anyone who wanted to post their personal Top 20 list. In fact, I allowed two lists, one for books and the second for authors. Of course here anyone can post their Top 10 or 20 or 21 list just by commenting on this list from AARP.

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