America, America

America AmericaI read the book and it was very powerful but my real memory is of the oscar nominated film that Elia Kazan made in the early ’60s: America, America.

I was just starting to drive and went to the movies with a friend to pick up girls (and to watch the movie). Since these were the days before the internet and even before Siskel and Ebert, we often ended up in movies that were considerably different from what was promised in the title. Now my friend, despite looking like a cross between Richard Fariña and Andre the Giant, was the illegitimate offspring of a rodeo champion and one of my mother’s erstwhile friends. Actually, as I close my eyes and remember, he looked a lot like Abbey Hoffmann. So when the movie playing was America, America, being an overt red-neck hayseed, he jumped in my old Chevy one Friday and we landed in the Helix Theater for popcorn, a little necking with unaccompanied girls, and a rip-roaring jingoistic adventure (maybe even starring John Wayne).

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Who is Seth McFarlane?

Match Game

Since The Match Game I have hated the word “boob” when used to reference a woman’s breast. Off the top of my head all the other meanings of “boob” relate to something awkward or stupid. Are a woman’s breasts stupid?

Although I mercifully missed the Academy Awards ceremony this year (in fact, I haven’t watched the Oscars since Edith Head died) the next day there was a lot of internet chatter about Seth MacFarlane and an homage to boobs. First off, who is Seth MacFarlane?

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Shirt, shoes, pants, wallet, book: Let’s go.

This is just a quick observation and a recommendation for readers and students everywhere.

First, the Motion Picture Academy Awards:  are you going to watch? Well, I turn the television on in the other room as white noise while I sit in my office (or out on the veranda if the weather is friendly) and read or write. I haven’t seen the Oscars since Walt Disney accepted an award on stage at the Pantages. To be honest, though, I have seen snippets, now often on the internet but, like the Superbowl, there are so many more interesting things to do.

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