As Time Goes By

I’ve been publishing some form of A Celebration of Reading since the mid-90s and it represents a lot of reading ,,, a lot of books. I just spent more than an hour revisiting my annual lists of the 20 or so books I found that deserved mention. I’m sure after 25 years some of my old evaluations might no longer hold true but for the most part, even with my dimming gray cells, I can still recall why I enjoyed or was enlightened by most of the texts.

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Aw, Nubbins!

I have had a tough week.

First, WordPress, the site which hosts my weblog, dropped support for the editor I finally had gotten used to, making updates and additions somewhat more efficient than they had been under the old old editor. Now there is the new “Block” editor and I was forced to go page by page through the website updating to the new editor.

And this doesn’t even account for the added time I was forced to spend learning new ways to do what was almost automatic before.

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Diving Into the Reading Pool

Jeanette and I At B&N (HHI)I used to spend almost as much time in coffee shops and Barnes & Noble as I did at home (not counting the hours of sleep orbed-tossing). Even when I didn’t need to go to Starbuck’s, my wife would take me shopping and drop me off for coffee and several hours of reading. I knew all the baristas and seldom needed to actually order my usual since it was started as I was opening the door and looking for an empty seat.

It’s true that I would put together my very fluid pool of books to read for the next year while relaxing in Barnes & Noble with a venti Americano and a stack of A5 printouts of the contents of my bookshelves.

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