What Do You Do After You Try Meth For the First Time?

There are a couple of book that I read and subsequently threw away in disgust which other readers often cite as uniquely brilliant. One is A Confederacy of Dunces which is an affront to humanity and not funny at all; another is Catcher In the Rye.

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This French Letter Is From Portugal

roosterThis is a weird but effective PSA from Portugal that visually expresses the need to combat AIDS in our daily lives in a humorous but still pointed manner. The illustrations are those commonly found on any men’s room wall or scribbled by any newly enlightened adolescent on the back pages of their spiral notebook but if you are a Republican, you might want to write to your congressman now to complain of such titillation on the internet (oh, someone pointed out that it might be easier to contact your Republican representative at the local strip joint … assuming a male representative which is a pretty safe assumption if a Republican).

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