A Very Different 2010

Clarence Swinney posted the following in response to a Jim Hightower editorial which poked a little fun at the Romney-Ryan Budget & Clown Show:

President Albert Gore, Jr.
Al Gore Won and Was Elected  (Not Selected)
A Look at a Different 2010

  • He would have continued Clinton/Newt Fiscal Policies of Pay Your Way
  • We would continue to have Surpluses not Debt as far as the eye can see
  • Debt today would be 6000B not 15000B
  • 2010 Budget would be 3000B not 3800B
  • Unemployment would be 5% not the real 17%.
  • Food Stamp Roll would be 10% not 46%
  • Unemployment Insurance Roll would be low
  • Redistribution of Wealth back to Middle Class would have continued
  • The top 1% would own 20% not 43% of Total Financial Wealth
  • He would have continued Taxing the top 1%
  • Wall Street Regulators would be under experts not Partners In Crime
  • We would have 400 military bases not 800 worldwide
  • We would not have two wars
  • We would not have lost thousands of lives of young youths
  • Hundreds of thousands of Muslims would still be alive
  • Thousands of young Muslims would still have legs feet and minds
  • America would still be the most admired nation on Earth not the most despised
  • We would go back to behaving as a Christ-Like nation via our national policies
  • Millions would own homes not foreclosure notices
  • States would not be laying off hundreds of thousands in such important jobs as
  • Teaching and Policing
  • California would have a balanced budget
  • John Kerry would be President.
  • Sound common sense policies would continue.

Sound reasonable? Of course other factors might have intervened and 2010 might not have been quite so desirable. But it’s not hard to imagine how this country would have prospered if the Republicans had not come to power, even if they did it without the now acknowledged lying, cheating, and subterfuge that are today considered necessary for a GOP candidate to get elected on a national ballot (not to mention truck-loads of dark money). It’s not included, but with this alternate view of this country in 2010 do you think the Tea Party would have even dared to come out of their holes? Don’t be deluded by the GOP flimflam … they are out to help themselves, no you!

Thank you Clarence Swinney for enumerating what we lost out on the last time we let the Republicans hornswaggle us.