Excellence In Weather Broadcasting

Rush Limbaugh made it clear that the so-called hurricane named Irma was just a liberal plot to promote the liberal agenda, especially the climate change scam. Then he packed up his Palm Beach home and skedaddled for the left-coast. I guess the real question is which is the biggest blow-hard: Irma or Rusty?

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Look at me … look, look, look

There are a number of redundant people in this country who are adept at saying or doing outrageous things when they themselves are not worth noticing. Still, the media seems to focus on these cyphers, wasting broadcast time and effort on a whole lot of nothing. I’m sure you know who these people are—Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Ann Coulter, etc.—and I’m sure you can add a few names yourself. These are people who have gotten their fifteen minutes of fame and still won’t go away.

Why do we care what they say? I’m ashamed to have even mentioned their names in this post.