Make the Bookcase Higher

imgresWhen you realize that I probably ignore nine out of ten new book titles I run across during the month, it’s still amazing that I can limit these suggestions to one-a-day. Add to that all the books I already have on my new bookshelves and I can hear the blind fury coming down the stairs looking to snip my aging thread before I can even make a dent in all this desirable reading.

Rather than panic, though, I have found the time and needed concentration to read eight to twelve books each month and being a retired old man gives me an excuse to lie in bed with my iPhone or sit comfortably at my desk reading on my iPad. Then there is my new tactic: reading real ink and paper books sitting on my porch in my rocking chair with the sun keeping me warm (and sometimes a little sweaty).

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I Get So Excited

images-1.jpgYou may have noticed that I often start a new book before I finish the old one. I know I stash different books in various places (bedroom, office, bathroom, patio) but that’s indicative of my fear of ever getting caught with nothing to read and it is fading away into history with the advent of electronic reading devices, especially my iPhone 6 Plus.

Nowadays I have all of the titles in my most recent reading pools ready in my pocket.

But what I often find myself doing is getting a little tired of the book I am currently reading and jumping ahead to a new title that might seem to offer me more excitement, more interest, more satisfaction. Keeping a roll-over list of books I haven’t finished has helped control the urge to rush ahead, but this last month I notice that my auxiliary reading list was almost as busy as my monthly reading list.

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