Future Hit List


There are actually a few titles on last month’s list of suggestions to try that I added to my own private list for reading in the near future. Which ones? Well, one is very fat, one is pretty funny in a twisted way, and at least two have been hanging around way too long and need to be read.

I note that more and more non-fiction titles are making the daily suggest list, despite the fact that there is no such thing as non-fiction. As I think about it, these non-fiction books are attractive to me because of their ability to teach us new things. Of course this can only follow after fiction has taught us how to think in the first place.

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A History of Books Not Read


The last few days I have been reviewing lists of books to hopefully generate a fun and educational reading list (at my age I go for fun more and more). At the same time I was slowly perusing old file folders on the computer for dead, forgotten files I could delete and save space on my two 6-TB hard drives (as if I needed it) and I uncovered a couple of lists of the books I had listed to be read but the month went by and I still hadn’t read them.

Two spreadsheets showed all of the scheduled but unread books for the years 2017 and 2018. With these documents I could generate my monthly reading lists for more than a year and still enjoy well diversified and reasonably exciting selections.

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