Fata Morgana

After reading the novel, Fata Morgana by William Kotzwinkle, I was still curious about the phenomenon called a Fata Morgana. A little time on the internet and especially on YouTube gave me a clear understanding but still left me with a boat-load of wonder and amazement.

As a kid in Arizona, any trip down the old desert roads that rose and dipped across the arroyos puddled all the standing water of the dry desert on the road ahead of us in the form of mirages: Fata Morgana. It had something to do with heat waves rising, the curvature of the earth, and the reflective properties of tarmacadam.

I found this classic example of a Fata Morgana:

Life Begins When?

It’s in more than one state which has a Republican majority (no conspiracy thinking here) but Arizona (rhymes with “looney”) has passed the law declaring that life begins officially after the menses that predates the conception. So we’re all conceivably two-weeks older than we thought, at least in Arizona. Does this mean that women are officially considered pregnant for at least 28 days? I see a new Guiness record:  a woman in Arizona was pregnant 12 times in just one year … in fact, there are two million women now trying to get their name in the Guiness Book of World Records for the very same feat.

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States Rights to Be Loopy

I am continually embarrassed by the stupidity and closed-mindedness of Arizona, a state that I have enjoyed most of my life. The anger and despair that prompted my earlier post has been reemphasized by the inimitable team at The Daily Show:

I recently heard a responsible person suggest that it might be time to breakup this not-so-“perfect union” and let the states go their own way. This would solve the problems of railing against the federal government and allow states like Arizona to stand or fall on the economic value of their looney-tunes ideas.

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