Atomic Books Rocks!

What is the perfect rock book? Is there a perfect rock book? Can such a thing even exist?

The 2021 theme for the Atomic Books Reading Club is Rockers. For many people, what they’ve missed the most during the pandemic is live music, communing with artists, EVH. What better way to remind ourselves about the meaning of music and the arts in our lives than reading about it and talking about it?

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Another Big One From Atomic Books

Atomic.jpgAnother new year and a welcome announcement from the Atomic Reading Club. You may not live close enough to participate directly with the Baltimore denizens but that doesn’t mean you should ignore yet another excellent reading list.

Here is the official invite:

Do you believe in Millennials? Is it true that GenX is really the coolest generation? Are there definitive generational traits or is it merely stages of life we all go through? Does history really repeat itself? We’re not really sure the answers to these questions, though we have some thoughts on the subject. We’re also nervously uncertain where 2018 will take us, but we figured that looking at generations might help put the times we live in into perspective. Or not.

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