They’re Calling Out To Me

booksHave you ever tried to climb up a tall hill of sand? Now stop and think about all the great (and not so great) books that are being published which you really want to read. It can crush your enthusiasm. Sometimes I think I would rather select one book and read it over and over again, until I knew every event, every character, every dialogue: maybe I’ll spend my remaining days with my giant magnifying glass focused on Finnegans Wake or Recherche or Anatomy of Melancholy. But then I’d miss the newest novel from Michel Houellebecq or Eric Chevillard and I wouldn’t have time to read my journals such as Conjunctions and even Tin House.

Is it better to know everything about Finnegans Wake or should you have a well-rounded knowledge of a broad selection of literature, contemporary and classical?

This last month I have suggested a varied group of titles to explore. I plan to read a few as soon as possible; you should too.

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My Reading Is Floundering in a Sea of Netflix

booksI spent a lot of time watching Netflix movies & television shows. To try and not get too far behind, I have abandoned McElroy’s Women and Men to go back and finish reading Wallace’s Infinite Jest. This obviously resulted in many of the titles I had planned to consider reading still waiting on my virtual bookshelf. Should I pass all of them forward or should I select a bunch of new books? In keeping with my current direction, I have compromised and taken both options.

So here is my own personal reading pool for the month of August.

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