Crush Your Enemies

Public Education“[The aim of public education is not] to fill the young of the species with knowledge and awaken their intelligence. . . . Nothing could be further from the truth. The aim . . . is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is its aim in the United States. . . . ” – Henry Mencken, The American Mercury, April 1924.

“If the right-wing billionaires and apostles of corporate power have their way, public schools will become ‘dead zones of the imagination,’ reduced to anti-public spaces that wage an assault on critical thinking, civic literacy and historical memory.” – Henry Giroux, 2013.

There is an interesting article in Truthout concerning public education in America as observed by an Australian.

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The House of the Sleeping Beauties

One of my favorite authors is Yasunari Kawabata. I was relaxing on the lanai reading one of his short novels and my mind made a connection between the novel and a movie I had sitting on my Netflix queue. The movie was Sleeping Beauty (2011) from Jane Campion (a Julia Leigh film). The novel was Nemureru Bijo (1961) which is generally translated as The House of the Sleeping Beauties.

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