The American Taliban

Warning: the American Taliban is on the move. Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committeewoman just made the case in Iowa for teaching Christianity in public schools during an address to the Republican Presidential Forum:

From Right Wing Watch.

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Have you heard of Bahá’i?

NoahWhen I was a very young man and just married to a very cute Jewish girl from the Bronx, we were visiting Chicago and attended Unitarian services at The University of Chicago. Up to that point my wife and I had casually discussed rotating religions a year at a time but things changed when we were exposed to Unitarianism.

Religion is funny business and quite interesting. I studied the world’s religions to some extent at University and subsequent readings I have done through the years have still kept me fascinated. No, I don’t have a religion—strict Atheist or as one of my friends says, Card Carrying Atheist Member of the ACLU with a Good Conduct Medal—but it’s always good to remind yourself of some of the basics.

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