XFX: Bleeding Edge

IBM 360When I went to college nothing was computerized. I had a friend who regularly went out to Cal Tech and would sit at his kitchen table for hours pouring over thick stacks of printer paper. Computers were at Cal Tech and Shakespeare was at the UC. By the early 1970s I was working with computers, mostly for data communications and data analysis. A little more than five years my technological experiences went from my first electric typewriter to programming the then mighty IBM 360. What a combination: steeped in poetry and drama yet being paid to conduct traffic studies and coordinate message switching activities in the telecommunications industry.

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XFX: New Experimental Fiction Selections

Pynchon-simpsonsThe titles offered for reading at the Experimental Fiction group (XFX) during the First Quarter of 2014 have been selected and are now posted on the XFX section of this website. To make things easier, however, I have copied them below and added a few words of encouragement.

Only four titles this quarter but they are good ones and offer plenty of reading.

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