Amazon Knows Good Books?

CaterpillarSnooping around I discovered that Amazon has published its very own list of the top 100 books you must read before ordering anything from Powell’s. Of course, it is a true saying that top 100 lists are like assholes: everyone has one. One of the recent lists that made a lot of press is the Modern Library Top 100. This list, it has been noted, tends to favor authors published by Modern Library or Random House and shows a preference for old dead white men. Flawed, for sure, but still a good list to follow if you’re out to read the top novels in English.

Interestingly, Amazon sells books. Is it possible that their list of the top 100 books might encourage reading certain titles that are easily ordered from Amazon, especially when most of the books are available for the Amazon Kindle and ordering your copy is only a click away? Actually, the correct question, sadly,  is: Would you be surprised if it didn’t? Let’s see; here is the list:

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