More Reading In South Carolina

images-1.jpgA significant change in the construction schedule for my new digs in Florida have added almost four months to the time available for reading before I must pack up my books (the keepers). I still am being told that I will have room for my books at my daughter’s house but I still want to keep them to a minimum. This means discarding or donating books I have read, will probably never read, or have such tiny print that they might hasten the demise of my watery vision.

So, although I have been reading mostly on the iPad or iPhone, I intend to swing back to the classic ink and paper books on my shelves, not for the nostalgia of smelling the musty pages and juggling a hefty tome, but solely to reduce the number of boxes of books the movers will have to contend with (and charge me for).

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The More Books I Dump, the More I Want To Read

images.jpgI’m still rummaging around the house tossing out the books I no longer can read or find room in my new digs to store and display them. But the real irony is that for every book I toss out or give away, there are at least three books I want to add to my future reading lists (digital versions, of course).

But even if I move all my books to my new place, I’m still going to miss my built-in shelves. Then again, having shelves that are deep enough for three banks of books has often left me without access to books I know I have but just cannot find. The again, I will miss the many hours spent every month or two rearranging the books and often discovering a real treasure hidden in the dark depths of black wood and indirect lighting.

I have been saving these daily reading suggestions in a simple database and often review them for ideas, books, or just to mark a title I actually read. Maybe someday I’ll publish the full list.

For now, here is the list of suggested reading from February 2016:

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In the Beginning Was the List

images-1.jpgOh, gone are the years when I stayed up until one o’clock, went to work the next day for 10 or 12 hours, came home, made dinner, played with my kid, and still read as many almost 200 books a year, not counting all the really exciting stuff I had to read for work.

Of course now I have to use a magnifying glass to read, I’m retired but it takes me 10 minutes to get up from my desk and walk into the bathroom, I still make dinner, but my daughter is now a professor at the University … oh, and my reading is just shy of 100 books a year.

I am beginning to worry about that 1001 Books You Must Read … challenge.

But I still make lists and try to focus my reading within a fairly narrow pool of books I have already collected on my bulging bookshelves (or nowadays on my trusty iPad).

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