Dispatches from Solitude

It’s here. Edited by Bradford Morrow, the 75th Issue of Conjunctions titled, Dispatches from Solitude.

While plagues have historically fostered every kind of loss—of freedom, of livelihood, of hope, of life itself—the isolation of grim eras such as the one we are now experiencing can also provoke introspection, fresh curiosity, and, with luck and mettle, singular creativity. If necessity is the mother of invention, so can deprivation generate art that might not otherwise have come into being, the constraints of sequestration thus giving rise to many voices and visions.

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Architectures of Experience

conj68aI have said it before but it always holds true: when you subscribe to a publicatiion that only comes out twice a year, it’s always a surprise when that neatly packaged journal is found lurking in the mailbox. What is it? Who is it from? Zip open the cardboard container and realize that another six months have passed.

It’s Conjunctions #68: Inside Out: Architectures of Experience.

Here’s what the editor, Bradford Morrow, says about this issue:

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Sleights of Hand

Conjunctions 65For years I received my copy of the latest Conjunctions journal through the mail in a somewhat flimsy cardboard envelope barely thicker that the insert in a shirt just back from the laundry. Now it comes in a sleek corrugated pre-formed book mailer indistinguishable from a book that some Amazon warehouse robot used to zip me my requested copy of the current issue of JEF. I would say that the packaging is an improvement but more importantly, the contents of the Conjunctions contained inside is just as provocative and imaginative as anything that has gone before (even in the flimsy cardboard envelop).

Conjunctions is still published twice a year by Bard College with its long-time editor, Bradford Morrow. The current issue is #65 and is titled Sleights of Hand. The editor’s forward remarks are sufficient to get me interested; you?

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