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Right-Wing Machismo: Fake or Myth?

Here is the transcript of a spot-on observation by Bill Maher from his HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher (if you are an HBO subscriber, you can see the video). The original posting is at  the Daily Kos.

Bill Maher Takes Apart the Right-Wing’s Fake Machismo


Last night, Bill Maher delivered a great New Rule about what Republicans confuse for manliness.

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Once a Bully, Always a Bully

The discourse that is racing around the news world, well, especially the more honest and progressive news venues that don’t alter the reality to fit the ideology, is that Mitt Romney is a serial power abuser. Is this Romney’s Romney moment … like father like son?

The current impetus is that at a prestigious private school, Mitt Romney was a prankster and a bully, engaging in activities that today would get him immediately expelled from the school (unless Daddy bought them another building). I recognize that everyone has a couple of embarrassing and even illegal things they did back in High School as a part of the often messy process of growing up, but in Mitt’s case, the critics are mapping a path of abuse from the events in High School, through college, at Bain, and into the politics of being governor of Massachusetts (which he doesn’t mention too much lest he be seen as too liberal), and into his various races for a position of power in Federal government as a Senator or as the President that he has unsuccessfully run for sixteen years (and he still refers to himself as a non-politician).

Consider the base qualities of this man:  gay-bashing in High School, grinding up American businesses and jobs for his own gain, having no position on a single issue (and ignoring video evidence of his “etch-a-sketch” moments), having little knowledge of what actually goes into the governing of this country, expressing views and positions that are often in opposition to their stated results (lying), covering up his lack of qualification (lying), attacking his opponents with highly negative and usually untruthful statements (and by significantly outspending them in the process), trying to act like a man of the people when he is not a man of the people.

I have regularly considered the Republican Party to be more accurately called the Fascist Party and it looks like they may have found a leader they can look up to:  it’s happened in other countries so why not here? What is really ironic is that the Republican Party doesn’t even trust this guy:  if it benefits him, he’ll even act like a liberal (especially if it increases his personal wealth and makes it easier to hide it off-shore).

Being from California I have two of the greatest embarrassments in political history haunting me—Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan—and now I keep reminding myself that Mitt’s car elevators are being installed in his modest pad in La Jolla. Sad … and very scary.