Welcome to iBooks: Beware! (updated)

Just a quick aside expressing my appreciation for my Apple products and especially the new iBooks application included with the latest release of the operating system—Mavericks which is free!.

iBooksI have been using iBooks on my iPad for some time now and enjoy the conveniences of electronic reading so much that I have been sending my paper and ink books to the Book Exchange and going almost exclusively with the digital editions. One complaint I have always had was that iBooks only runs on the iPad, forcing me to keep an old copy of the B&N Reader around to read books on the computer itself. Now with Mavericks, Apple has provided a version of iBooks for the computer that is both a copy of the original iBooks for the iPad and at the same time improved greatly.

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If you use anything other than Calibre for the Mac to organize, share, convert, and even read your digital books, check out the web site and seriously consider taking the plunge and trying Calibre for free … in fact, other than a donation, you can use Calibre without providing the developers any monetary compensation (although how could you live with the shame).

Also note that Calibre interfaces with iTunes and provides a path to transfer (and convert if necessary) any books from the internet into iTunes and, of course, then onto your iPad or iPod. Having accumulated a large library of eBooks in PDB format for the old Palm (Pilot), I found it very convenient to transfer the old files into this application which automatically performs the required file conversions before sending them on to other devices. It’s not perfect but it is the Swiss Army Knife of eBooks. Who knows, with the help of Calibre you just might learn to enjoy the convenience of digital books … I am finding them more and more appealing and the extra space on my bookshelves now leaves me room for my collection of vintage dust bunnies.