Wind, Sand, and Stars

I took college level French in the sixties. Having grown up twelve miles from the Mexican border, taking Spanish classes in Junior and Senior High School, and having an exchange student from South America living with me meant my Spanish was pretty good. At the University Spanish was not suggested for my major’s language requirement, so I shifted to French.

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Waiting For J. Edgar

Sartre Camus Hoover

I stumbled into this very interesting article in the British magazine Prospect. The story, by Andy Martin, suggests that the FBI once investigated being and nothingness.

From 1945 onwards, J Edgar Hoover’s FBI spied on Camus and Sartre. The investigation soon turned into a philosophical inquiry…

Read the complete article at Prospect. It’s quite fun and puts an exclamation point of the wastefulness of government, then and now. Here are a few morsels from the site:

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