XFX: Experimental Reading for the Fourth Quarter

Sausagey SantaThis last quarter of 2014 we will read a novel that begins a very interesting trilogy, a strange and often disturbing book (which has pictures to support the text), a themed collection of short stories by an often overlooked writer, and a dash of Bizarro from the master.

That’s four books but none are too long or difficult. Besides, think of sitting alone in the evening waiting for Santa to arrive and casually reading about a bizarre Hungry Bug (what was that noise in the corner behind the electric fireplace?).

So, read all four; read one or two; or read other experiment fiction that you might be planning to read. Note also that I avoided anything obvious for the holidays, but there is always Sausagey Santa if you’re so inclined. Carlton Mellick III and the Bizarro crowd have some strange alternatives to quench your Christmas cheer.

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Christmas On Crack

Christmas Crack

Carton Mellick has brought together a fine collection of Bizarro tales all associated with Christmas. But please don’t get these confused with the Christmas specials the young ones love to watch each year on television: this stuff is purely for the adults in the family. The varied stories come from the warped imaginations of several excellent Bizarro authors, namely:

  • Jordan Krall (Santa Claus and the Elves of Fuck)
  • Jeff Burk (Frosty and the Full Monty)
  • Andrew Goldfarb (Unwanted Gifts)
  • Kevin L. Donihe (Two-Way Santa)
  • Edmund Colell (The Christmas Turn-On)
  • Cameron Pierce & Kirsten Alene (The Elf Slut Sisters)
  • Kevin Shamel (Christmas Crabs)

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XFX: Fantastic Orgy

OrgyYears ago I read a few science fiction books and discovered the works of Larry Niven. Not long ago I tried to revive that interest and, unfortunately, was so bored and disappointed I couldn’t keep reading. But back when, I recall Niven developed the idea that in the future we would discover the beneficial uses of cancer and harness the ability to quickly regenerate parts of our bodies that were chopped off or otherwise mutilated … like starfish, I guess.

Now I am reading some stories by that bizarre and often disturbing writer, Carlton Mellick III. He has an even more imaginative take on what once were considered diseases being repurposed for further development and modification of the human animal.

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