Tired of Winning

download.jpgWhen they came for my cruise ship I ignored them since I wasn’t planning on ever taking cruise; when they closed the buffets I wasn’t worried since I was on a strict diet that precluded All-You-Can-Eat; when they came for my March Madness I only nodded since I no longer followed college basketball since John Wooden left us; when Broadway went dark I reminded myself that I no longer lived close enough to Manhattan to take a bus; but when they came for Disneyland I stood up, shook my fist, and shouted: “Okay! I’m officially tired of winning!!”

To quote Charlton Heston for the benefit of Der Drump: “You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

Adapting Evil

download.jpgOne of the most common and clichéd questions in reading groups is, Which was better: the book or the movie? In order to retain your elitist card you must unhesitatingly announce, The Book, of course! But it’s not always true.

Many times the authors, even though their books are quite good, tend to spread the narrative loosely over several characters and numerous scenes; they might even throw in a secondary plot or two or a particularly juicy love interest. Then when they go to make the movie they discover that all the by-the-page profits from the original publisher are never going to cover the extra cost for film and self-absorbed actors, so the writer of the movie script might combine a few characters or scenes, eliminate extraneous material which is not needed to advance the narrative, and hopefully create a tighter, more marketable product for the Silver Screen.

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