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Are you against YA?

CharlotteThis is a controversial subject: I have known many adult readers who regularly read and enjoy Young Adult or even Juvenile fiction. Since my first “A” at the university was in Kiddie Lit, I have some background in the literary analysis and appreciation of fiction written for the younger set (I also took The Bible as Literature and that too gave me an appreciation of another 17th century work other than by Shakespeare and, contrary to what most believers might expect, actually reading the Bible supported my understanding that it was all fiction).

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The Man Who Loved Children

Man ChildrenJackie Gleason made a movie in the 1960s called Papa’s Delicate Condition. In some ways Christina Stead’s novel, The Man Who Loved Children reminds me of that movie; in other ways it reminds me of The Stepfather. The Man Who Loved Children is the story of a large family in the early part of the last century and how it coped (or didn’t cope) with their problems (especially money related). Father was a bit of a bore but I suppose his sing-song fairytale approach to life was fun for the kids, at least to a point, but it certainly didn’t help his relationship with his wife or his older daughter (by a previous marriage).

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about this novel from Australia:

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Eight Most Dumped on Americans

You must go over to Nation of Change and read this complete article by Paul Buchheit. For now I will just provide an outline to identify …

The Eight Most Dumped on Americans

We live in a society that allows one man to make $15 million a day while a low-income mother gets $4.50 a day for food, and much of Congress wants to cut the $4.50.

Are political and corporate leaders even remotely aware of the conditions of society beneath the wealthiest 10% or so?

imagesThe following are some of the victims of an economic system that has forgotten the majority of its people.

          • Children
          • Students
          • The Elderly
          • Wage Earners
          • The Sick and Disabled
          • Women
          • Minorities
          • The Homeless

So who’s left after all this? Oh yes, rich white men.