Finally, a good reason to carry a gun

Reading William S. Burroughs (Cities of the Red Night) and he writes in the chapter titled “Etranger Qui Passait” that a contingent of mercenaries is traveling across the desert

Burroughs… naked except for desert boots, packs, and belts with eighteen-inch Bowie knives and ten shot revolvers chambered for a high-speed 22-caliber cartridge. They have automatic carbines of the same caliber in their packs, with thirty-shot clips. These weapons may be needed if a time warp dumps an old western posse in their laps.

The NRA and every Right-Wing gun nut in the country is free to use the logic expressed by Burroughs: after all, it makes just as much sense as the wing-nut excuses we hear from most of these people.

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XFX: Experimental Reading for the Fourth Quarter

Sausagey SantaThis last quarter of 2014 we will read a novel that begins a very interesting trilogy, a strange and often disturbing book (which has pictures to support the text), a themed collection of short stories by an often overlooked writer, and a dash of Bizarro from the master.

That’s four books but none are too long or difficult. Besides, think of sitting alone in the evening waiting for Santa to arrive and casually reading about a bizarre Hungry Bug (what was that noise in the corner behind the electric fireplace?).

So, read all four; read one or two; or read other experiment fiction that you might be planning to read. Note also that I avoided anything obvious for the holidays, but there is always Sausagey Santa if you’re so inclined. Carlton Mellick III and the Bizarro crowd have some strange alternatives to quench your Christmas cheer.

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