Fear, Hatred, and The Eastern Canon

Mark Karlin wrote:

Members of the white working class need someone to hate in order to feel a sense of self-esteem, because otherwise, they would be on the lowest rung of the social and economic ladder.

Right now, there is a significant segment of the US population that is so full of a self-eviscerating hate — due to the need for feeling affirmation and empowerment from an Anglo Saxon ruling class — that their bilious loathing may fatally wound a nation founded upon the resilience of an evolving democracy.

When you realize the Republican party has a small base, albeit very wealthy, it stands to reason that they would encourage other portions of the population to bolster their ranks. What could be better than to play to the hate and fear prevalent in this country? Racism wins elections for the Republicans. Greed wins elections for the Republicans. Mendacity wins elections for the Republicans.

Frank Rich writes of the Obama era:

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