Elect a Billionaire

The billionaires are buying America right out from under us. So what is the best defense? Elect a billionaire as President? Now I know in Texas they are discouraging the people from thinking for themselves, but it should be obvious to most people that hiring the fox to guard the henhouse is a losing proposition.

On the other hand, are you starting to feel just a bit sorry for Mitt Romney? True, most of his difficulty is directly caused by his own lack of qualifications to be President, but there is also a strong element of stupidity. So far this has to be the worst campaign I have even seen and I go back to Truman. To hear that John McCain vetted Mitt and decided Sarah Palin was the better candidate is the final nail in the coffin. Mitt Romney is a terrible candidate and every indication suggests he would be a terrible President. Looking back over his political history, one hopes that Mitt will take the loss gracefully and retire to one of his offshore homes to count the billions of dollars he single-handedly removed from the American economy. Think of all the joyous hiring and firing Mitt will enjoy in his own kingdom.

But just because Mitt Romney is a complete zero (if that high) there will still be a large group of plutocrats who want to take over the government, much as they have taken over the economy.

In the last few weeks I have read about some fairly simple options that would go a long way towards improving the economic health of this country. First, end tax favoritism which the rich are now enjoying; second, install a tax on monetary transactions such as stock trades; third, eliminate all subsidies; fourth, invest in rebuilding the infrastructure of this country; and fifth, send the Republican members of congress to Juarez with hundred-dollars bills showing in their pockets. Okay, that last one was to allow the first four any chance of getting through congress. I’ll trade it for a good, bi-partisan suggestion that keeps retiring government officials from being hired by the corporations they formerly dealt with.

But we know that as long as the GOP controls congress, none of this will ever happen. And lets not blame just the GOP:  they are not the only elements of corruption in congress … just the majority.

But back to Mitt who is going to announce his Vice-President running-mate soon. How sad is it that the common wisdom is eliminating any contenders who might be more exciting than Mitt, lest they make Romney seem any more dull and out of touch than he is already. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Where are the women?

I get the regular feed from Emily’s List and have been a modest contributor. Everyone should consider supporting this organization, not just women.

I’ve seen some obvious bias in my day but this one goes on my wall of shame for sure. Here is the complete notice from Emily’s List, including links.

GOP Committee

Rep. Carolyn Maloney said it best: “Where are the women?”

This morning, an all-male panel of religious leaders testified in front of a Congressional committee about birth control coverage. That’s right, only men — who are not doctors, by the way — were allowed to testify by the GOP leadership about critical women’s health coverage. No women.

It’s absolutely outrageous. The all-male GOP leadership is calling on all-male religious leaders to decide whether birth control should be fully covered by insurance plans. We cannot let this happen. We cannot stand by while Far Right Republicans once again try to send us back to the Dark Ages.

Stand with EMILY’s List now and tell the GOP that women’s health decisions should be made by women — not by anti-choice, anti-woman men.

After pleading with the committee chairman to hear from a female witness, the Democratic women on the committee — all of them EMILY’s List women — literally stood up for us and walked out. These are the women who will always have our backs, but we desperately need more of them — and that’s what we’re working to do every day at EMILY’s List.

It’s time to stand up — right now — and say that you will not watch quietly while anti-choice, anti-woman legislators and religious leaders work to dismantle everything we’ve achieved.

Add your voice now! Tell the GOP that women should be the only ones in charge of women’s health.

We have to fight. Right now. Let’s do it.

You can read further on this subject at Truthout and add the name of Darrell Issa to that wall of shame.