Secrets and Conspiracies

logo.pngIt’s a new year and a new reading list from the Atomic Books Reading Club. If you are in the Baltimore area I urge you to stop off at Atomic Books and maybe even join the monthly reading group.

The reading group admits that they are not sure about what will happen in 2017 but a selection centering around secrets and conspiracies certainly couldn’t be that far off. Just think, Alex Jones may be making the 2017 predictions!

Here are the titles selected for 2017:

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Be afraid, be very afraid

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I just was reminded that Michele Bachmann is on the House Intelligence Committee.

Now, despite the laugh-out-loud association of Michele Bachmann with anything containing the word “Intelligence” there is also a real problem with the queen of radical conspiracy theories being involved in investigating or legislating conspiracies, be they foreign, muslim, communist, gay, etc etc etc.