Make Mine March

img_0044Another make up month, this one to catch up on all the reading I missed last month when I was holed up in a small hotel room with only the dogs to talk to and a chilling urge to turn on the television and let my brain rot for a few hours.

I also have given in to reality (somewhat) and pared my monthly reading pool down to just twenty titles. This obviously gives me plenty of options for reading my usual eight books and even allows me to go for the high-end of traditionally shattered expectations and read twelve books or more during the month. Of course, I still have that ancillary list of titles I still have to finish from the previous month and unscheduled titles I discover at the library or bookstore (or under my still missing bed sheets in a moving box I just dug out of the storage closet).

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The Knight Is In His Castle

img_0041It’s been a crazy few weeks. The construction on my new rooms at my daughter’s house forced me to relocate with my dogs. Luckily there was a place offering small suites with kitchenette and dog privileges so I moved in there for about ten days. Although I had internet access and plenty of digital texts on my iPhone and iPad, I had limited tools to keep up on most of my online life, including this website.

I, unfortunately, never accomplished the dream of reading dozens of books while sequestered in that lonely, quite room. I tried watching television and quasi-enjoyed two movies but for the most part the television was turned off and I continued listening to old-time radio mysteries on my iPhone.

I did read some—finished two novels—but mostly just stared at the screen with Sam Spade solving crimes in the background.

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