Thinking Dangerously

That is, there are no dangerous thoughts for the simple reason
that thinking itself is such a dangerous enterprise.  . . .
nonthinking is even more dangerous. — Hannah Arendt
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We all sell out

When I was in High School I realized that my penchant for wearing high-top denim-blue Converse sneakers was only rebellious as long as I was the only one wearing such shoes. But I easily saw the reality beneath the myth when I walked by the local shoe store (Malls were not the thing, yet) and admired the collection of multi-colored basketball shoes in the window. Not only could anyone buy my rebellious sneakers for themselves, but I paused to consider if the yellow version in the window might have actually been more rebellious.

punkI suppose when Blossom wore that hat it was somewhat unique but how long did it take the big businesses to market the hat and many other variations of the hat to a youthful consumers crawling over each other in a misguided effort to look different and to rebel against society. I’m sure that to this day, very few realized that they were fueling the very corporate capitalism that they thought they were rebelling against.

But we all sell out because we all buy things. Someone is making a profit off of our revolt.

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