Je suis Charlie

The sad fact is there is no one else to defend them. Satirists
are reliant ultimately on the very establishment they mock.
That’s the great irony of their situation. — Harry Shearer

Charley HebdoI may have mentioned this before but I have been troubled by a tendency here in the United States to be shocked and saddened by horrible events such as killings and assassinations, but only if the victims are “good guys.” Back in the ’60s we experienced the assassinations of of John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. But around the same time a totally despicable individual named George Lincoln Rockwell was also assassinated. Rockwell was the leader of the American Nazi party and he was straight out the the Third Reich. But as Americans, we accept that everyone has the right to life, liberty, freedom of speech, etc., so Rockwell’s unpleasant demeanor and political views were protected in this country.

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Freedom From Religion

This latest ruling by the best Supreme Court money can buy is actually quite problematic and may come back to bite those that are celebrating a win for religious freedom.

[For an excellent discussion of the lack of knowledge and understanding coming from the SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby (and another fine example of slut-shaming) read the article in The Daily Beast by Sally Kohn, “Hobby Lobby: Sex, Lies, and Craft Supplies” … Conservatives are making five arguments hailing the decision. They’re all factually wrong, which leads them to the sixth: women are sluts.]

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